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Xia (Hsia)) Dynasty c.2070 BCE-c to 1600 BCE 

The Black Hebrews, or Afrikan are the first  inhabitants of China mainland. In Chinese literature the Blacks were called Li-Min, Kunlung, Ch'iang(Qiang), Yi and Yueh. The founders of the Dynasty and the Shang Dynasty were Blacks. These blacks of the Xia dynasty were called Yu, Yueh and Qiang. The modern Chinese are descendants of the Zhou. The second Dynasty called the Shang was founded by the Yin, resulting to this Dynasty being called Shang-Yin. The Xia Dynasty was established in 2180 B.C. by Yu: The Great, is the First Chinese Dynasty, Yu was chosen to take the throne after Shun for  the following two contributions:

1) This is the most well-known and significant contribution of Yu. Disasters caused by the flooding from the Yellow River were this problem still happens in China. Initially, Yao, who was "The King or Ruler of This Black Dynasty", appointed a man named Gun, Yu's father, to hold the Yellow River. Gun built dikes to block  the  water and failed...Yu proceed with construction. Yu adopted a whole new way to solving this problem, Yu began by digging the Yellow River out, leading the floods all along the Yellow River. Yu was crowned the King of  Xia Dynasty (Hsia Dynasty). They work on irrigation  projects, harvested silk, used potters wheel, baked brick. Legend this is why, King Yu was called Yu- The  Great. They wore tiger skins, lived 15 Dynasties.

2) Yu removed a mountain was called  ""Yu's Doorway""

Shang Dynasty 1600 - 1046 BCE

Xia and Shang Dynasty had this before the Zhou (Chinese) came:

  •   Divine Kingship

  •   I-Ching Oracle

  •   Ancestral Communion

  •   Agricultural Base

  •   Yin and Yang

  •   Communal-Filial Piety

  •   Kung Fu​

  •   Acupuncture

  •   Priests and Scholars

  •   Many Deities/One Creator

  •   Tonal

  •   Pentatonic

  •   Knew about Chi/Life Force

The Black African Foundation of China: The First Chinese

These Blacks were the dominant group in South China. Negroid skeleton of dating to the early periods of Southern Chinese history have been found in Shangdong, Jiantung, Sichuan, Yunnan, Pearl River Delta and Jiangxi, Plus Chingliengang and Mazhiabang, the Chingliengang culture is often called the Ta-wen-k'ou (Dawenkou) culture of North China. Negroid skeletal remains at Dawenkou sites make it clear that Negroes spread out from the North to the South China. The Dawenkou culture predates the Lung-Shan culture which associated with the Xia civilization.


In the Chinese literature the Blacks were called Li-Min, Ch'iang (Qiang), Yi  and Yueh.

The founders of both Xia Dynasty and Shang Dynasty were Blacks! These Blacks were called Yueh and Qiang. Modern Chinese are descendants of Zhou, the Shang Dynasty ( at Anyang) was founded by the Yin, this Dynasty known as Shang-Yin.


Textual evidence and skeletal record indicate that contemporary Chinese (Zhou) and European people came  out of no where after 1500 BC, the European Sea People came from the North and attacked Egypt, and the Chinese (Hua/Zhou/Chou) people came from the North and ran the Black Qiang and  Yeuh tribes, along with the Austronesian Yin (classical mongoloid or Austronesian speakers) off the  Chinese Mainland, back into Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.

The Black African Foundation of China: The First Chinese

    By Dr. Clyde Winters

    Edited by Ogu-Eji-Ofo-Annu


    Re-Edited and researched by Louis Williams July 2017






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