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Wooden Dummy     starting at$800.00 plus taxes

Iron palm bags unfilled $25.00 or filled $40.00

Class Cost

                  Private   $100 a hour

                  Regular  $200.00 a month for 2 times a week, 2 hours 2 times a week


Meditation or Mindfulness/ Breathing to Qi Gong classes $50.00 a session.

Ages 15 to Adults

Plum Blossom Wing Chun Classes

  • Traditional Yip Man (Hong Kong Concepts)

  • Traditional Pan Nam (China Concepts)

  • Traditional Leung Bik (Leung Jan Concepts)


Black Lotus Pak Mei Pai Classes

Young Master's

 (Youth Kung Fu ages 5 to 14)

  • Young master Form: Student Striking in all Direction

  • Hung Gar (Shaolin Tiger/Crane)

  • Black Lotus Pak Mei Pai

  • Plum Blossom Wing Chun 

  • Discipline

  • Team/Family

  • Tournament  Training

  • Weapons

  • Sparring


Energy Work

Black Lotus Yi Quan

Black Lotus Taiji Chuan -Traditional 13 Postures

5 Petal Qi Gong (Pan Nam Concept)

Private Instruction



Natural Herbs coming soon

  Black Lotus Products & Services  

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