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                                         Pak Mei Pai Lineage


                                                 Pak Mei

                                         The Taoist Master

                                (Picture in the background)

                                        Monk Kwong Wei

                                         1st Generation

            Monk Jok Fah Wan                      Monk Fung You Dao Yan

              2nd Generation                               2nd Generation

                                        Monk Ling Sang

                                        3rd Generation 

                                       Cheung Lai Cheun (CLC)

                                          4th Generation

                  Xia Hanxiong                                       Ceng Hui Bo

                5th Generation (CLC)                            5th Generation (CLC)                                  Xia Haniong

    Sijo Of Fat San Pak Mei Pai

                                               Chou Wu         

                                         6th Generation  (CLC)

                               1st Generation Fat San Pak Mei Pai         


                                         Lao Shaolaing

                                        7th Generation (CLC)

                                 Sijo Of Fat San Pak Mei Pai                                                                     Lao Shaolaing                                                             

                                         Lee Yun Jian

                                      8th Generation (CLC)

                             1st Generation Fat San Pak Mei Pai

                                      Chong Yin Cheung

                                    9th Generation (CLC)

                             2nd Generation Fat San Pak Mei Pai

                                      Louis (Yu) Williams

                                  10th Generation (CLC)

                            3rd Generation Fat San Pak Mei Pai

                               Sijo of  Black Lotus Pak Mei Pai                                                         Chong Yin Cheung and 

                                                                                                                                               Lee Yun Jian


                                                                                                                                                  Louis (Yu) Williams

        White Eyebrow( Pak Mei Pai, Bak Mei Pai)

Sifu  Chong Yin Cheung (Eddie Chong) was the only Sifu to teach Fat San Pak Mei Pai in the United States, now has passed this Rare Chinese Martial Arts to some of his Top Sifu's and student's. Now I'm glad to have trained in Fat San Pak Mei Pai. 


 Black Lotus Pak Mei Pai

  • White Eyebrow Gung Fu is very different, than the Wing Chun I teach, They work good together!

  • Stances includes Horse, Seven Star, Twisting, Kneeling.......Like some of Hung Gar.

  • Power thru positioning of the body, waist and how the weight is shifted.

  • Footwork called Dragon Steps ( Triangle step in Wing Chun).

  • Feet are much wide than in Wing Chun Stance.

  • Pressure points are used in attacks.

  • White Eyebrow trains the whole body.

  • External and Internal energy are one.

  • Concepts of Pak Mei Pai (White Eyebrow) techniques of consecutive heavy attacks.

  • Contradictory movements.

  • Offense and Defense are combined into one.

  • Wing Chun concepts are very familiar.


 6 Types of Energy                                 3 Body Shapes                        

  1. Straight                                              Yuan (Round)

  2. Searching                                           Bian (Flat)

  3. Rising                                                  Zhi (Straight)

  4. Sinking

  5. Circular

  6. Surging


To concentrate force into one single point and hitting fast in close/mid range, using extreme power.

 7 Form

   Basic/ Intermediate 

  1. Sub Gee- The Cross

  2. Fu Pao- The Fancy Panther

  3. Chut Dim Moi Fah- 7 Points Plum Flower

  4. Sub Bat Ding Jeung- 18 Crazy Monks


 3 Treasure Foms

   5. Sup Bat Mor Kiu- 18 Devil Bridges

   6. Gow Bo Tui- 9 Steps Push

   7. Fu Bo- Tiger Steps

-Consecutive heavy attack

-Straight forward attack with a horizontal receive

-Offense and Defense are one

-Guide with the idea that start at the end

-Follow the middle

-Naturally express the spirit and the intention

-Thru the tendon, muscle, skin and bone to create the external action

-Follow the square and accomplish the circle

4 Basic types of forms

  1. Basic Type

  2. Sink Type

  3. Float Type

  4. Mix Type

8 Rules

  1. Shen (Soul)

  2. Yi  (Intention)

  3. Qi (Chi)

  4. Jin (Strength)

  5. Xing (Form)

  6. Yuan (Circular)

  7. Tong (Through)

  8. Jing (Static)

Bak Mei Kuits

-Greet the attacker with pain, Chase the attacker with death.

-Go forward, penetrate and displace

-Cultivate and maintain a rooted

-Defend the 4 gates (Say Moon)

-The stance and step are like a chariot, and the hands are the onslaught of arrows

-Destroying the opponent's bridge line will control there bridge

-Drop elbows to take the center

-The phoenix eye punch has no equal

-One Mind, One Body, One power

-Masters are made not born

-If you don't kill the root, the weed will return

-You can't gain knowledge without practice, wisdom comes from experience. Fall behind in practice and your   skills will fade

-Practice once a day and you gain a day, Skip a day and you will lose ten days

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