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Growing from the mud, and blooming towards the sky, a lotus symbolizes purity, spiritual awakening, revival, and fortune.....


My name Sijo Louis(Yu)Williams, Path to becoming a Doctor of Naturopathic, Allopathic or Physiatrist , currently going the Kaplan University to expand my knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Energy work to Acupressure. To using Natural Herbs to cure illness from joint pain to skin disorders.

 1)Health- the state of being free from illness: or injury, a persons mental or physical condition.

 2)Healing- the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again, to recover from an illness or injury.

 3)Wellness- the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, prolonging life.


 With over 42 years or experience in studying and teaching Chinese Gung Fu, started my martial arts in Flint, Michigan, then moving to 

La Vergne, Tennessee in 2005. since then I've open my "Door" for students who wanting to learn Traditional/ Authentic Gung Fu, because they don't have it in there state or city. Now in Middle-Tennessee with the Complete System, unlike many shade tree or backyard, no lineage of proof, claiming to teach Real Gung Fu (Kung Fu). They only learned from DVDS or BOOKS and thinking they are Sifu (Teacher) or Sijo (someone  who made a style of fighting). For 12 years, I've seem a lot of fake teacher's that call themselves Masters

or even qualified to even teach there so-called Real Gung Fu in the Southeast! 

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